Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Quiet, Snowy Week

69 + 70 / 365

It was a little annoying to get another snow storm this week, but at least it was a small one. 

I finally watched Big Easy Express. It's funny how people's voices seldom seem to match their faces.
(Alex Ebert is really annoying. Jade Castrinos is adorable. I loved Mumford and Sons even MORE when they got the Austin HS band to play with them. Also, do indie rockers ever shower?)

Trying to explain St. Patrick's Day to a 3 year old is hard.

I'm making this cake for my babies' birthdays in less than three weeks!

Every time I see these posts I miss my sisters like cray-zay.

These smell JUST LIKE those orange marshmallow circus peanut things. 

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