Saturday, March 23, 2013

iPhone Dump [Numero Dos]

this garland really cheered up our house. 
meanwhile, this has been our weather in holland. all. month. long. 
black coffee is growing on me. i feel so hardcore. 
i love to play this super loud on the piano while my kids are screaming. 
trying to read a magazine in the bathtub is harder than it looks.

selfies aren't as cool when the mirror is filthy. #fail!

my sanctuary.

matt and i had our first date in over 3 months at a cool waterfront restaurant.
lake mac is still frozen.
don't worry, it was a fake candle.
on our date we picked out loose tea downtown. so, so, so yummy.
i rather liked this outfit. 
our toy stores in downtown holland are way too cool! 
i'll take an apple juice and fattie baby to go please!
we've been doing a lot of skyping with grandparents. it's been good.

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