Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Yesterday was a doozy. (Why does the word doozy sound so weird to me right now. Am I using it properly? Is it even a word??)

Quick backstory to defend myself: we have been majorly busy the last week (month really,) and Oona has been going through one of her notorious sleeping strikes and we are exhausted. 

So with that in mind, yesterday was all kinds of cray-cray from the very start, with Matt having an appointment out of town in the morning. He got back just in time for me to run out to an orthodontist appointment. Then I had another appointment in the next town over right after my adjustment. Run run run. I'm hungry, I'm tired and my teeth are flippin' killin' me.

I finish my last appointment and start rummaging through my purse for my keys...

Yup, locked them in the van. SMH. (I think that means "smacks my head" but I'm old, so I could be waaay-embarrassingly off course...)

I also locked my coat in the van, so of course I immediately felt like I was freezing. And I suddenly had to pee. And I started to hyperventilate that I would be late getting Olive from school. And then I started wheezing realizing that Matt couldn't pick me up because I had the car seats. (I'm only over-dramatizing slightly.)

After a long, long and I do mean long time, I was able to get in touch with my sister who hadn't left for work yet and she agreed to pick me up under the condition that I buy her a coffee. (Good thing I hadn't locked my wallet in the car, geesh.)

Time seems to go by incredibly slowly when you're cold and locked out of your minivan, so I started wandering around downtown Zeeland (trying to look cool and collected and instead looking suspicious and crazy.) I stood and studied this giant pumpkin for an awkwardly long time.

And then I sent about a 100 extremely melodramatic video snapchats to my sister in NC, which I'm sure looked totally normal to passersby.

Then I found a coffee shop. It shares a door with a neighboring store, which took me way too long to realize and I am sure I looked totally normal walking past the storefront 5 times before I figured out the door situation. (SMH again. Unless it doesn't mean what I think it means...)

It was a very nice coffee shop and I decided to treat myself to a cafe miel (latte with cinnamon and honey) but when I asked the sweet barista if she could use soy and not make it as sweet as normal, she looked at me suspiciously and said "is this your first time here?" So of course I related the WHOLE story to her, expecting sympathy and understanding but all I got was an "oh." (I'm pretty sure she was relieved when I finally left. Especially since I remembered just as I was about to walk out that I needed a coffee for Grace too, and ordered another latte.) 

^ Feeling the joy of winning at life. ^

FINALLY Grace came (she got lost on her way over. I kid you not.)

Luckily she cheered up when I gave her the coffee and all was finally well again.

Like I said, it was a doozy (doozie? Doozay??) of a day.

The end.

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