Monday, October 27, 2014

Most Awkward Post You'll See Today

Last Friday Matt and I got to go see Josh Garrels in concert at Calvin College. (If you don't know who Josh Garrels is, please do yourself a favor and look him up immediately. He's good.)

Matt and I rarely get to go out at night by ourselves, so I tried to dress up. I'm probably not alone in feeling this way, but when you've had as many children as I've had in the last 5 years and are still in your 20s, it's hard to know how to dress. I don't want to look dowdy because hey, I am still pretty young, but I've got this kind of maternal body going on now if you know what I'm saying, girls? Why am I even having this awkward conversation? (Is anyone still there? Taps mic...)

What with all the changes my body has been through in recent years, not to mention having braces on my teeth (holy moly) and seriously crazy post-partum hair that doesn't know what to do with itself, my 20s will definitely be remembered as a highly awkward time. Sometimes I get a little down thinking about it, but you know what? I am so lucky to have a healthy, strong body and I am so thankful it allowed me to have my three, healthy children. In the end, I really have nothing to complain about, and awkwardness and all, I want to celebrate and enjoy what I got. :)

Sweater: ASOS / Skirt: GAP / Shoes: TJMaxx / Toddler: Mine! 

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