Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hello October

Yesterday the temperature dropped rather suddenly and as I drove out early this morning to run errands with the little ones, it seemed all the trees had released their grasp on summer at last and changed overnight. The color this fall is already amazing and it hasn't even reached its peak yet. It makes the gloomy gray skies a little more enjoyable, as the trees really "pop" against a dark backdrop. It's a beautiful season, but a short one. Last year we started seeing snow at the end of October, so we know what's coming soon. 

October Goals: 

-Visit Art Prize in Grand Rapids
-Figure out Halloween costumes for my kids within a conservative budget
-Finish Whole 30 successfully (almost 3 weeks in now!)
-Complete two weavings.
-Get Silas a haircut (should have done this last month.)
-Visit pumpkin farm with kids
-Get picture taken for Christmas cards.

Other plans for this month - a quick trip to OH, making snacks for 42 kindergarteners next week, our first parent-teacher conference, a concert in Grand Rapids, preparing Sunday School lesson plans - busy busy busy! 

What are some of your October goals?

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