Monday, October 6, 2014

Morning Date At Art Prize

Yarn bombing never fails to make me superbly happy!

We traded some babysitting with friends of ours, and Matt and I decided to take a more unconventional date route and go out for breakfast/early Art Prize perusing last Saturday. The weather did not treat us well - cold and rainy. The upside was that it was not busy at all, so we got to get up close to some of the bigger, more popular installations.

Art Prize is a huge deal in Grand Rapids. It's such a fun time to visit the city - so much art, so much quirkiness, and palpable community pride. 


  1. I love your art prize photos! Every time I've gone so far, it's been so busy that the photos are hard to get.

    I also still need to see that LOVE piece! What's been your favorite so far?


    1. Thank you, Kate! We loved the "LOVE" sculpture and were sad we didn't get to see it at night all lit up! I think my favorite piece that I saw were the "Infinity Boxes" upstairs in the Devos Center. (I think they're in the Ballroom?) They were really cool!


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