Monday, September 29, 2014


^ New babies. I've been reading up on succulent/cacti care to give them a fighting chance against my notorious black thumb. ^

^ I organized a small baby shower for a good friend of mine from church. It was a lot of fun! We colored a bunch of onesies with fabric markers and they came out so cute! ^

^ Things are still blooming and colorful in our yard, which is so pleasant since we're enjoying some glorious, surprisingly warm weather! (Those roses have bloomed multiple times this year!) ^

^ I dedicated this past weekend to cleaning/organizing our bedroom. It has been the most neglected room in the house. It feels so much better now. We did the whole shebang, re-arranging the furniture and hanging curtains and even installing some new bedside lights. ^

^ Picking out curtains is intimidating. I think we rushed our decision in our haste to get our bedroom feeling "finished" (hint: rushing is never a good idea.) We picked these white Nate Berkus curtains up from Target, and while I like them... ^

^...I can't help but feel they look a little shower-curtain-y? Yes? No? Oh, and I finally finished off one of my weavings properly and we love the way it looks hanging on our dark wall. ^

^ Speaking of dark walls... Painting our bathroom is next on my to do list, and I'm painting it black. It will either be awesome or awesomely bad. Stay tuned. ^

^ Last Friday, before heading out to watch Olive's last swim class (we made it through!) Matt, the littlest two and I grabbed an early breakfast out. I don't know what felt more weird - being out, just with four of us, or being out before 8a.m. on a weekday morning. It was fun, anyway! ^

^ A new project in progress. Triangles are difficult (but I am determined to figure them out!) ^

^ When I get bored with my weaving projects, I pick up my knitting. This is a Hudson Bay inspired crib blanket in the works (my first time working with circular needles - they're not as confusing as they look, much to my relief!) I've been meeting with a group of ladies from church on Thursday nights to knit and chat. It is the BEST. ^

^ My days revolve around chasing Oona and making sure she doesn't permanently injure herself during her "adventuring." This baby is on the GO. She quickly got bored with her crawling skills, and is now pulling herself up to stand against furniture (and stairs when she's being sneaky!) I think she might be walking before she has any teeth, at this rate. Note to self: deep condition/trim those bangs ASAP, for goodness' sake.) ^

Happy Monday!

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