Wednesday, September 24, 2014

27 / 52

Portraits of my kids once a week when I remember, for a year.

Olive - It's been a rough week. She has been taking school-mandated swimming lessons the last week and a half and I've watched her go from excited and confident to absolutely refusing to cooperate, paralyzed in fear, arguing with and bellowing at her poor coaches. Matt and I are struggling to find the best way to deal with it - trying to build up her confidence while at the same time getting her to realize that fighting with her coach is unacceptable is not an easy thing to do.

Silas - My (mostly) pleasant tag-along as I run here and there doing errands, Bible study, swim lessons, etc. Good things he loves to "go" because we are doing too much a lot of running around these days. He is obsessed with "Hoodwinked" which has to be the weirdest-yet-most-lovable kids movie I've ever seen. (Love "The Thin Man" references.)

Oona - Last night as I was getting her ready for bed, I made her sit on my lap and rock in the rocking chair for a while. She didn't like it very much, because she thinks she's a big kid and doesn't have the time for snuggling with me like she used to. Good thing I'm still bigger than her (wink.) I'm soaking in her quickly disappearing infancy. Makes me sad.

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