Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One Last Swim

Last night Matt and I climbed over a dune to our favorite little beach for one last dip in Lake Michigan before fall weather settles in. There are so many steps to climb to get down to this beach, that your legs feel a bit wobbly when you finally get to the water, but it's worth it for the seclusion and beauty of the beach. There were only a few other people on the beach, and they soon left and we had the whole thing to ourselves.

The water was in the 70s, (which is downright balmy for Lake MI, let me tell you,) and crystal clear. You can walk out hundreds of feet, to above waist level and still see the bottom. It's like a giant, gently rolling pool. We felt like we were on vacation, just the two of us and a handful of sea gulls, for one glorious hour. 

We didn't bring our phones or cameras, so there's no pictures to remember it by, but it was such a good evening that I needed to jot it down so I won't ever forget. I feel so sad that summer's on its way out and before we know it, that giant swimming pool is going to be a solid sheet of ice. :(

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