Friday, October 18, 2013


1. Fall flowers 2. We have eaten so many honey crisp apples this autumn! 
3. One of those rare moments when my kitchen table is clean and pretty! 
4. Rainy evenings call for indulging in computer time. We are big fans of "The Wiggles" here.

So, yesterday. It wasn't my best day. I woke up with a bad attitude from the start after a restless night of sleep, (which I'm guessing is just the new norm until baby is born.) It was rainy, I had a 100 or so errands to run, and my first session of physical therapy (for a pinched S.I. joint/out-of-whack pelvis) was a lot more painful than I expected. I finally came home to a house that looked like a tsunami had rolled through, and the realization that we were out of diapers. And wipes. 

I was so tired, and hungry, and just mad. I took it out on the kids. It wasn't fair. I felt horrible. I ended up running back out for the umpteenth time later to buy them each a little toy (which probably isn't a great parenting model, buying conciliatory presents for your kids to appease your guilt and whatever, but it was the first [and probably last ha] time I've ever done such a thing and it was a pretty fun, spontaneous thing to do.) And then I went to bed and cried and everything was a lot better this morning. Oh, life!

Childrens' latest achievements: Silas has learned to open door knobs. Do you have any idea how much crazier this makes non-napping hours? Also, Olive has taken to scaring the living daylights out of us by waking us up at 3AM with something random to tell us, or to ask for a cup of water. There is nothing so frightening as waking up abruptly to a little four year old, nightgowned child staring solemnly at you while you're sleeping. Obviously I have never fully recovered from seeing "The Ring" as a teenager. 

I am so very relieved that the government is back OPEN, simply because we have a contract on our old house back east and we were starting to worry that it was all going to fall through! Say a prayer for us that it will all go through smoothly from here. It will be a huge relief to be rid of that house. 

We're rapidly approaching that time where our lease here is almost up and decisions about next year need to be made. Having our house sell opens up a lot more options, though I have felt hesitant about buying again. Matt is feeling a lot more motivated than I am, (probably because he's not pregnant.) All I can say is, it would have to be a really special house to convince me to take on moving before January. 

These brownies. Oh emm geeeeee. Don't be intimidated by the strange ingredients! They're so good! (I have a batch in the oven as I type.)

2 things that have made me feel a lot better in the last month: this moisturizer and this hair treatment. Just a couple of drops of the oil diffused through my hair make a HUGE difference. These will be life savers as the weather gets cooler and dryer.

Tis the season to cuddle up on long dark nights and... veg out in front of a screen. Right? This documentary was so interesting, though I'm always a little let down when I learn how strange/dysfunctional many of the artists/authors I admire so much were! This was another fascinating documentary. The human ability to adapt and survive in such extremes amazes me! Both documentaries are on Netflix right now. (Also, Netflix just added this, which makes me a very very happy girl.) 

I think we're getting closer on a baby name. I recently fell in love with the name Oona though Matt wasn't as keen. (Somebody name their baby girl Oona for me please!) I'm still in no way shape or form prepared to have a newborn in less than 3 months. Need to start working on that. This item is high up on my wishlist! I am determined that baby girl will learn to love being worn, because I don't see how I'm going to survive three under the age of 4 without wearing the baby and having my hands free. 

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