Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rapunzel & Yoda

Halloween has been too much fun this year. Mostly because our kids are hysterical and they're exponentially more hysterical when they're dressed up in costumes.

We took the kids trick or treating (first time ever!) downtown Saturday morning. Even though it was freezing, we all had a good time. Olive could not stop "princess twirling" and Silas looked a little too convincing as Yoda. (He looks miserable in all his photos, but I promise he had a good time!)

I have to talk about my girl for a minute. Olive was way into it all this year. From being totally determined that she had to be Rapunzel, despite my trying to convince her to be something a little more unconventional (she would not be budged,) to making her own crown and waiting patiently for a good 20-30 minutes while I curled her hair (good Lord this kid has a lot of hair!) she really enjoyed every second.

When her whole look was completed, she twirled in ecstasy for at least 5 minutes and then solemnly declared that I was to call her "Princess" all day and not Olive. To which I replied "absolutely not." To her credit, she got over it rather quickly.

Hard to believe that next year we'll be doing this with THREE! Eeks.

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