Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Last Day of September

I really am having a hard time believing September has passed already. Our lives this month went from being predictable, slow paced and rather lonely to suddenly being so full, busy and full of lovely people. We've recently started to settle into a really warm, loving church family (thank You Lord, what a huge answer to prayer and great encouragement to our hearts!) In September I joined a women's Bible study, a Friday playgroup, and we had the sweet privilege of sharing meals/coffee with a few families. On top of all that, we're full-swing into homeschooling Olive, and I'm doing morning daycare for a friend's 2 year old two mornings a week. We've been having a lot of fun, and I'm sure that has made the time pass so swiftly (a little too swiftly for my liking!)

We witnessed God shaking up our lives in more than a few ways last month, and we are excited to see what He's going to do in the near future. More soon!

We've been enjoying a really beautiful, mild autumn in west Michigan. Evening walks at the park are a real pleasure, especially when we time it around the sunset. I'm trying not to think too much about how fast another long winter is coming, and am really attempting to just soak in all the colors, smells and beauty of this favorite season.

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