Friday, October 25, 2013

Hello Third Trimester

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant! Hard to believe in some ways (this has seemed like the fastest pregnancy ever.) On the other hand...

I am so very ready to be done. (Isn't that what everyone says when they hit the third trimester? But seriously, I really mean it!) This pregnancy has been hard. Since the 24 week mark or there about, I have been extremely uncomfortable. Somewhere in the last 3-4 weeks the discomfort turned into "ouch-can-barely-walk-or-sleep" pain. My pelvis is tilted forward to the right, and with the weight of the baby on top of it, my right S.I. joint is majorly pinched.

I'm seeing a physical therapist now, twice a week. She does a deep tissue massage on my hips for about 30 minutes, (these massages are actually really painful, but gosh when they're done I feel so much more flexible that I just want to go climb a mountain or something!) and then she leads me through a series of exercises to strengthen the weakened muscles that are causing me issues. I have to do the exercises 2-3 times a day at home. I'm starting to see some small improvements. Hopefully the extra work will keep things bearable until the baby is born.

The baby (who we think has a proper name now, we just can't commit to it 100% until we meet her) moves all the time now. She's our little gymnast/contortionist. One day she managed to turn herself sideways, in a pretty high position. My stomach looked disturbingly ridiculous, and for about 3-4 hours I just wanted to die. I couldn't get a full breath and was extremely nauseas. Finally I had what felt like a major contraction and she flipped back down and: instant relief. She better not do that ever again!

Braxton hicks haven't really been an issue, but last Sunday I had to work in the nursery and overdid it picking up kids and toting babies on each hip. I had contractions that were actually painful for a good 3 to 4 hours. I should have called my doctor, but it was a Sunday afternoon and I wasn't bleeding, so I held off. Finally after tylenol and a hot bath they settled down. It made me realize (1) we're getting so close to the end of this pregnancy, and (2) my current state of mind feels very unprepared to enter into labor and delivery. Yikes.

We actually have very little prepared yet for this baby girl. We've had several major things going on the last couple of months and baby prep has been left on the back burner. I'm hoping to take advantage of some good Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales next month and get the items that we really need, like a carseat, a carrier and infant clothing. Hopefully she stays put through the holidays so we can everything done!

I still feel anxious whenever I think of labor, delivery and adjusting to life with a newborn + 2 young children. However, the excitement of meeting her face to face and getting to know a new personality is growing for all of us.

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