Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Sunday Drive

After a week of really cold rain, wind (and even some snow!) we really needed to get out of the house this weekend. Luckily Sunday was sunny and mild. 

Matt has had covered bridges on his mind for a while now, (?) and has been trying to get us out of the house to explore a couple he had read are in the Grand Rapids area. Our weekends have just been really packed lately, and then we were all passing around an annoying cold, so this was the first real chance we've had to go check them out. 

^ The first bridge was almost an hour away, in a weird little village called Fallasburgh. It was very pretty. You can actually drive over this bridge (very, very slowly - 5mph or you pay a $5 fine, haha.) ^

^ The second covered bridge was in downtown Ada. We kind of fell in love with this little town, it was super cute! This was a walking-only bridge. (And the reason that handsome son of mine is crying is because he had tripped a couple of minutes before and his feelings were really hurt.) ^

^ Matt took some pictures of me and the kids and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry looking at myself! At just 30 weeks I look ready to pop, and gosh I feel like it too. Pregnancy is just not kind to shorties. ^

A sunny day and a country drive do wonders for the soul. I'm so glad we were able to make some time for a little exploring before the weather gets really nasty.

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