Wednesday, January 16, 2013

16/365 {and a few other things}

This is a tiny grass planter we got for Olive at Lowes [for $0.31!] We check him every day for signs of sprouts but so far, nothing.

Just a few things on my mind today..

1. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned today. And then I dragged my kids downstairs with me while I worked out. Olive jammed with me to some Kimbra, (pantsless as is her new norm,) and Silas screamed and screamed. He doesn't have a lot of patience with me doing anything but playing with (or feeding) him. And then it was lunch time and I was exhausted. And feeling awfully frumpy. And just discontent with everything. But at least the house was clean.

2. The crock pot has become a dear, supportive ally. I use it for probably 85% of the meals I cook for my family. Which means we eat a lot of soup, chilis, roasts and...did I mention soup? The reason I love my crock pot so much is that by 4:00pm my energy and my affection and patience for my children is dwindling down to fumes, and cooking a meal is the last thing I want to do. Also, crock pot dinners are so easy to clean up after. No this post is not sponsored by Crock Pot. I was just feeling especially fond of mine today.

3. We just started watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" for the first time and I am enjoying ending an exhausting day with a good laugh. (Also we recently finished watching all of the "Vicar of Dibley" episodes on Netflix and I'm a little embarrassed that I liked them so much.

4. I've re-written point 4 about five times now, because every time I write it out it sounds so whiny and depressing, and I don't want to be that person. But honestly, I've had a lot of ups and downs the last 2 weeks and I just feel sort of whiny and depressing. Today I just wish I felt like a winner in anything. Just anything at all. But maybe that's not even something I should wish? My problem is I yearn to feel how I imagine the people I look up to and admire feel. But it's pretty foolish, isn't it, to think just because we think someone looks like they have it all going on that they actually do?

5. Actually, my real problem is probably that I haven't had any coffee in 3 days. I'm finally past the head ache phase but my heart-ache phase is still going strong.

6. Is it Friday yet??

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