Monday, January 21, 2013

21 [With a Windchill of -15.]

These are my people. I like them a lot. 

So it's definitely feeling like winter finally in MI. We got a taste of what lake effect snow is like while driving (um, visibility of 0. Scary.) And the temperature got up to an impressive 9*F today. The radio said the windchill temperature was something like -15* and after running some errands in Grand Rapids today, I believe it.

We ate out too much a lot this weekend (hey, MLK Jr. day only comes once a year, you know?!) Tonight we tried out 84 East which had an impressively varied and extensive gluten free menu (hamburgers WITH buns, chicken alfredo, pasta carbonara and pizza are things a gluten-free person rarely gets to eat in a restaurant.) I tried the carbonara (which I'm sure got its name for the disgusting amount of carbs it contains) and it was amazing (though I could only eat about a quarter of my plate. I'm not used to that kind of food!) 

We feel extremely lucky that Matt was able to have this 3 day weekend and we enjoyed it tremendously, despite some sniffles and the frigid weather. We are really starting to feel more settled here in Holland and are enjoying all our little adventures.

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