Thursday, January 10, 2013

Currently in January

Missing: Familiar faces and places! It's still strange to not recognize anyone here in Holland, and stressful to not be comfortable with my way around town yet (though that part is slowly getting better the more I make myself get in the car and just GO.) What I miss most about our old town in WV is our old local coffee shop. I loved knowing all the baristas by name, and feeling that odd sense of belonging there. Not to mention I have yet to find a place here that makes a better iced americano but I've made it my mission to find it if it exists in West MI! I'm also missing my mother in law a lot and my friends from church and family, but I'm so thankful for texting and e-mails and facetime!

Moving: My body! I've started getting back into a work out routine and it feels so good. I can feel my stress levels going down after just a week of keeping at it. Also, I just ordered this book and am looking forward to working towards getting stronger.

Playing: With my kids outside. We've had fantastic weather this week, and I am loving living at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. It makes me so happy to watch Olive ride her bike in the street without having to worry about traffic. So different from our last house, where we felt trapped indoors all the time.

Thinking: Lately the matter of finding peace, joy and strength in and through the Lord in the midst of trials and obstacles out of our control has been on my mind a lot. Because I know the Word says I should not worry or be anxious but my body and mind fight Him every single day on those things. So I've made it a priority for 2013 to spend a little time each morning before getting out of bed just talking to Him and reading a little from the Bible, praying for my family and telling Him what I'm thankful for, because I think the answer is in there somewhere.

Considering: Getting my hairs done this weekend (boy is it over due) and going somewhere fun outdoors this weekend before it gets really cold again. And also maybe watching all of season 3 of Downton!

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