Friday, February 14, 2014

The Epic Valentines Day of 2014 Post!

Alternately titled: "Good Intentions Go Wrong."

So...Valentines Day. If you didn't already know, V-Day is one thing when you are dating or newly married and a whole other thing when you've got a 4 year old, a 22 month old and an infant and you permanently smell like spit-up.

Nevertheless - I'm a fool-for-all-things-red-and-pink who likes to commemorate the silly day anyway, and decided to give Matt the gift of some cute printed pictures of our three offspring. (Thanks Target, for the photobooth props and inspiration! No, this is not a sponsored post but it would be nice if it were! Wink wink!)

So that was the good intention. Things started going south the minute we started getting ready for our photoshoot. 

Silas was not feeling it. At all. He refused to hold the props the right way and when we tried turning them the right way he'd immediately toss them on the floor.

There's Silas trying to get into a shot that I don't want him to be in...

...Here's Silas crying real, giant tear drops because his mother asked him to hold pink and red things and pose for silly pictures. The inhumanity...

...Here's Aunt Grace (who is an evil genius) breaking out the big guns to coax Silas into sitting still for 2 minutes so I could get a whopping TWO decent pictures (out of about 500...)

And now, here are a bunch of out takes for your viewing pleasure...

...And of course we couldn't call it quits without torturing the poor baby for a bit...

Do you have any idea how exhausted this little project left me? I was a shattered, haggard old woman by the time we wrapped this up. Never again, I tell you... Well, maybe in ten years, when they can actually take direction we'll give it another go.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

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