Saturday, February 1, 2014

7 Quick Things

1. Oona's wonderfully fuzzy bald head looks super cute in head bands.

2. This is what my children and husband have to look at these days. 
Showers? Rare.
Makeup? Thing of the past. 
Swollen-no-sleep-eyes? Here to stay. 
Something needs to be done about those bangs and eyebrows though, stat... 

3. I think I've done my hair and makeup maybe twice in the last four weeks.
All for two glorious, short trips guessed it...Target. 
I thought it would do my self-esteem some good to try on some non-maternity clothes.
Big, big mistake.
The post-partum body is a strange, ornery thing.

4. This winter has also been ornery. So much snow. So much cold. So much cabin fever!

5. The ladies from church have been blessing us with some seriously good food this month.
I have been enjoying not having to grocery shop or cook way too much.

6. Silas likes to hang out with me while I pump. 
(He's ridiculously fascinated with that pump.)
He also likes to get into everything he shouldn't while I'm stuck to said pump.
He then likes to smirk at me, gloating over his [temporary] power.
And I just can't stay mad at him because he's too darn cute.

7. ^^ This up there. ^^ 
Best feeling ever. 

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