Friday, February 28, 2014

Olive Says...

O: "Can I have a cookie after lunch?"
Me: "You can share one with Silas after lunch."
O: "But I can have the big piece and Silas can have the little piece."
Me: "I think you can split it 50/50."
O: "...Yeeeah, but I'll have the big 50 and Silas can have the small 50."

O: ...[Sigh.]
Me: "What's wrong?"
O: ...[Dramatic sigh.] "Well, Mom, I'm nervous."
Me: ......."Why?"
O: "Because I'm bad a lot."

O: "I just love Cinderella."
Me: "Why do you love Cinderella so much?"
O: "Because of the step-sisters. I just love those beautiful step-sisters."
Me: ............................

Other things worth noting and remembering about Olive at the moment:

She got a VTech digital camera for Christmas, and we recently realized she has been recording her favorite movies in 30 second increments on it so she can re-watch them secretly in bed.

She (and Silas) are obsessed with "The Music Man" soundtrack, and listening to Olive belt out "Til There Was You" off-key is something I wish everyone could experience at least once in their life.

She's really not kidding about loving "Cinderella." She asks me for wet rags all the time so she can get into character by scrubbing the kitchen floor on her hands and knees (while wearing no less than four layers of dress up clothes. And a construction-paper tiara.) 

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