Friday, August 16, 2013


There used to be a time not so long ago, when these little ones took regular naps and we could always depend on that hour or two of quiet in the afternoon. But somewhere in the last 6 months that free time ended for good, as Olive has outgrown her need for a daily nap and Silas is hit and miss depending on how much I am able to wear him out in the morning. Funny how it just slipped silently away...

Now there is much running around, getting-into-things that they shouldn't, giggling, climbing on top of the table (Silas) chattering (Olive - she never runs out of questions, opinions or ideas these days) coloring, legos, spilled cups of milk and dancing to "The Wiggles." I have never been so tired. 

But it's a good sort of tired. It's the kind of tired that by the end of the day you feel 100% spent, like God only gave you just enough energy to get to 8pm and not a single drop more. And the quiet that comes in knowing daughter and son are safely, peacefully asleep is the best kind of quiet. A lot of nights I dread going to bed because I enjoy the last two quiet hours of the day so, so much.

It's life fully, wildly, exhaustedly lived. I'm so glad and thankful I get to live it with these guys.

So catchy, for being a rather sad song.

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