Sunday, August 11, 2013

I Shouldn't Have Climbed Mt. Baldhead, But...

...I did anyway.

310 steps, and they were steep. Worse than these or these.

The worst part though, was the lack of pay off at the top. No view of Lake Michigan.
(There was a path to the beach, but there was no way we were attempting that after those stairs!)

I am now paying for this in the way of braxton hicks and leg cramps, but there's just nothing
quite like the fun of exploring new places and taking on challenges with Matt and the kids. 

Going back down...

Olive did most of the climb alone! She is getting so strong!

Random thoughts:

//Today we visited a new church and I sat next to a man who was the spitting image of Walter from "Fringe." I took this to be a very good sign.

//I start another month long sugar fast tomorrow. I'm getting a head ache just thinking about it.

//The leaves are starting to change here already.

//Inspector Morse improves exponentially during season 4. The first three seasons are the equivalent of extra strength Ambien.

//Baby names baby names baby names...

//We spent all Saturday afternoon making a new budget and we loved it.

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