Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Catching Up

August, August - what is up with you?

It has been in the upper 40's - low 50s when we wake up in the mornings and it's too cold to take our walks by the lake without warm jackets or sweaters. We've had lots of rain and lots of beautiful sunsets, and here and there trees are turning yellow. 

I don't know what it is - I usually look forward to this change of season more than any other, but summer felt way too short this year. Maybe it's because I felt sick and tired for a portion of it, or the busyness of company and having fun outdoors made the time pass to quickly. Maybe I'm apprehensive of all the major changes that are coming early this winter. Not really sure what's up, but I feel very sad about summer saying goodbye so soon.

I need to just start pumping myself up with excitement for pumpkin-spice-everything and cardigans and all that jazz.

Another thing I'm a little sad about this week, (and this is pretty ridiculous and self indulgent, but bear with me...) was having to say goodbye to our little Honda CR-V and exchange it for this big old, soccer-mom approved minivan. We knew when we were surprised with the news of baby number 3 that we were going to have to get a bigger vehicle sooner than anticipated - our CRV barely sat 5 people and getting 2 car seats and booster seat squeezed into that backseat was going to be a problem. We also take quite a few long distance trips since our family is spread out all over the country, and the amount of stuff we have to take along increases exponentially with each new small Frey. The CR-V just didn't have enough storage space.

God is good and provides more than we expect or even need. Matt found a gently used Honda Odyssey for an extremely good price, and we were blessed to get a great trade in price for our CR-V. It was the right move at just the right time. And even though I have dreaded having to drive a big ol' minivan for years, if I have to drive a van this is the most tricked out, modern, comfortable van I could have wished for. It's going to make errands and travels with three little ones much, much easier.

It kind of broke my heart having to drive my sister Holly back to the airport last week. It was so nice to visit with her and I loved watching my kids enjoy getting to know her more (sorry Holly that they wore you out! They really love you!)

I'm savoring every last minute we have my other sister, Grace, with us. She's been working through a lot and is making some hard decisions about where to go next. Post graduation is one seriously tough phase of life that not many people talk openly about. So many adjustments to work through and just feel through. We love you Gracie.

I am on day 3 of my sugar fast and feeling much better. The last two days were, as expected, full of headaches and grumpiness but I woke up today feeling alert and ready to take on the day. I'm hoping eating cleaner for a few weeks will give me a burst of energy, because I am in desperate need of an extra dose of energy. No where looks quite as appealing as my bed these days. (Note the bedside Tums? Heartburn is back in my life. Thanks little baby.) ;)

Yesterday I took Silas to get a much needed hair cut. (Little Critter hair back and driving me crazy.) He looked so tiny sitting on the stool all by himself, wrapped in that giant black cape. He would wince and make faces when the hairdresser sprayed his hair with water, but then would look blissed-out and sleepy when she was combing his hair which made me laugh so hard. (This boy loves getting his hair brushed.) He looks so handsome and much too grown up with a fresh hair cut. It's pretty impossible not to chase him around with kisses and tickles when he looks so stinkin' cute.

Life is good. 
God is so very, very good.

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