Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh You Know, It's Just the End of the World...

I am so impulsive with my hair, and this impulsiveness inevitably leads to a lot of tears and heartbreak.

I've been having major, horrible post-partum hair loss and it had really started to worry me, so I decided to go get it trimmed up so the thinning wasn't as noticeable.

And I walked out of the salon missing about 5" of hair that had taken literally forever to grow out.

Today I pretty much loathe my impulsive self and am ashamed to be so closely acquainted with her. She is such an idiot, that impulsive self. I want to give her a swirlie and pin a "kick me" sign on her behind to teach her a lesson.


So now, I just need to figure out a way to rock this heinous new 'do in such a way that those around me think I actually like my hair this way.

And also make my husband swear an oath to never allow me to go to a hair salon again. No matter how baldy and split-endy and whiny I be.

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