Wednesday, August 29, 2012


1. My blondies seem to be getting bigger and cuter at an alarmingly fast rate.
They also seem to look more alike every passing day. 2 Peas in a pod.

  2. Husband has started working standing up. I remember getting my first
job as a cashier and how hard it was to get used to standing all day
so I'm impressed he's done so well with it. 
Not so crazy about the creative desk set up (an old door screwed to the wall.) But oh well.

3. I visited a chiropractor for the first time ever. It was scary.

4. But it wasn't that bad. (As bad as the popping and cracking sounds, it doesn't hurt! Yay!)
I also got to meet my skull and neck bones for the first time. (Hi bones.)
Turns out they're pretty wonky and are the reason I've been having so much upper back/neck pain.
So I'm going to be seeing the chiropractor quite a bit in the next month.
(Good thing he's super nice.)

5. Poor Django had to get a ton of shots this week, because due to a lot traveling
scheduled next month, he's going to be spending most of September at (a VERY nice) kennel.
He was very brave at the vet.
(He's kind of in love with all the nurses at the office.)
Olive thought he deserved a sticker, but Django was ok with just getting boring dog treats.

7. I am still mourning the stupid loss of my hair and have yet 
to find a way to love the new look.
Anyone have any suggestions for prettifying a boring, ugly bob cut?

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