Friday, April 11, 2014

Birthday Week

It's the end of another busy week. Matt's mom flew in last Thursday to spend a week with us. We enjoyed her visit so much and have all been rather glum since she left (miss you, Sharon!)

While Grandma was in town, we celebrated Olive and Silas' birthdays. Their birthdays are only 3 days apart, so they got to share a birthday cake again this year (chocolate - with coffee-icing, per Olive's persistent requests.) 

^ Olive had been begging for a doctor's kit for months. When she opened it up she said "OH. MY. GOODNESS." ^

^ Silas is extremely hard to shop for. When my mother in law was asking what he would like I suggested something with lights and noise. She obliged with a lion flashlight that roars whenever you flash the light. It was a huge hit with Silas! ^

How are they 5 and 2 already? The coming year is going to hold some pretty big things for these guys - like kindergarten for Olive in August. And potty training for Silas in...well, whenever Mom works up the courage to start...

Last year's birthday party HERE.

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