Monday, April 28, 2014

A Regular Old Day

Our daily routine this spring has been pretty unexciting. Superwoman I am most definitely not, and taking Olive, Silas and Oona out of the house at the same time by myself is still pretty stressful. I basically avoid it as much as possible.  So it feels like we spend a lot of time just doing simple things at home, waiting around on warm temperatures to show up and stay longer than a day or two at a time. It's an imperfect season of reading and re-reading Silas' favorite books over and over again, watching Dumbo or Frozen just about every single day, and passing out cheese sticks and applesauce squeeze packs when the natives get overly cranky. (Are you yawning yet?)

When we have gotten out in the last month, it's been for super fun things like doctors appointments and getting caught up on all the vaccinations Olive needs to start kindergarten. This morning we did a piggyback appointment - a well-check up for Silas, and two shots for Olive, and while Olive was getting her shots Silas managed to fall flat on his face and had the most dramatic nose bleed of all time. You can imagine the scene we made leaving the office! 

Tulip Time starts this week, so that will shake things up a bit. Last year we all had the flu and didn't get to go to many of the activities. THIS year we find ourselves living in a house that is right on the parade route, (3 parades in one week - Tulip time is a serious business.) So that will be either really fun or really annoying. We shall see.

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