Monday, March 10, 2014

2 Months

Yesterday marked Oona's 2 month birthday. She's growing and changing so fast these days! It's a joy to discover new bits of her emerging personality.

This girl loves people. She follows us all around with her eyes as she chills out in her bouncy chair during the day. When she's been fed and burped and changed and is STILL fussy, it's almost always just a case of needing someone to talk to her. She loves sitting on Matt's or my lap and watching our faces while we chat to her. She likes to talk back in baby noises and is very generous with her sweet grins.

She is finally sleeping some longer stretches at night (praise. the. Lord.) And she'll actually sleep/nap in her cradle now! We were starting to worry that she would never transition out of that silly bouncy chair that she loves so much.

That newborn look is forever fading away and she's chunking up in typical Frey-baby-form. She's already moved up into size 2 diapers (whaaat?) and her 3 month outfits are getting snug. Oh I love me a fat baby, but I somehow always forget about how much work it is to clean out all those fat rolls. :)

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