Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Olive Says Some More...

No, we don't let her wear lipstick out of the house! 

O: "Mom, tonight I'm going to have a dance party."
Me: "Sounds good."
O: "But I can't have a dance party without dessert. And presents."
Me: .....................

O: "I'm scared to grow up. I don't want to leave you and Mom."
Matt: "You don't have to leave. But when you're a grown up you might want to get married or -"
O: "Can I marry you or Mom when I'm grown up?"
Matt: "Uh, no, you can't marry people in your family."
O: "Hmm. Well, I really like Grandma and Papa. I guess I'll marry them when I'm grown up."

O: "Mom can I have your "I Hate Mondays" shirt when I'm a grown up?"

We've been putting in late hours after Matt gets off from work, painting at the new house. Grace has generously been staying with the kids at night and putting them to bed for us since we haven't been coming home until around 11pm. Obviously, Olive is concerned that I'm shirking my very important duties, because I found this on my pillow the other night...

And speaking of Grace...

...Olive is obsessed with her, particularly her style. Yesterday Olive showed up at the breakfast table dressed like this (those are Grace's boots and glasses) and declared that she WAS Grace and would not answer to any other name.

This is a fun age, almost-5-years-old. She keeps us on our toes!

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