Tuesday, March 18, 2014

We Bought A House!

Last Thursday, Matt and I bought a house! It still feels surreal, as it all happened really quickly.

The shortish version of a rather longish story: in December our landlord let us know that he wanted to move back into our rental. Talk about a ton of bricks falling on our heads. I was weeks away from delivering Oona, the one and only contract we had had on our house in WV in the year-plus it had been on the market had just fallen through, and we knew it would be really hard finding a similar, affordable rental that would house our growing family. 

So we cautiously started looking at some real estate options. We had fairly tight budget constraints because of our mortgage in WV, so we were surprised when a house popped up within our price range in a neighborhood we had been drooling over in the year we've lived here. It had only been on the market one day when we looked at it, and we fell hard at first sight. It ticked all the boxes of things that our family needs, and then some. We made an offer immediately. Lo and behold, our offer was accepted and THEN: the very next day, we got a contract on our house in WV! We are still kind of in shock about well everything worked out.

Back foyer.
While the house is in an amazing location, the interior is in need of quite a lot of TLC. Pretty much every square inch needs a fresh coat of paint. However, the house has really good bones and we are really excited to slowly make the space "ours."

Like I said...looots of TLC...

Our plan is to get as much painting done as possible in the living areas before moving in next week. I'll try to post pictures of the process as we get to work!

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