Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Day Before.

I was trying for months to keep this scenario a very real possibility in my mind, (after all I've been here twice before,) but I can't help but feel a little surprised (and just a bit depressed) that this baby has still not budged. To make matters worse, I've had several "false starts" in the last 4 weeks, each ending in disappointment. I felt so sure that even if this baby was late, it couldn't be later than Silas was (4 days) but she has surprised us again and tomorrow we will be 6 days past due! Blah.

So early tomorrow we start the induction, and while the process brings me anxiety, the knowledge that she will be here tomorrow (or, worst case scenario, early Friday,) brings me comfort. I'm also very thankful that my OB will definitely be the attending doctor. I feel peaceful that no matter how tomorrow plays out, it will be good.

All this being on edge for weeks, waiting for something so big "to happen" has been exhausting, for all of us. We are all so ready and excited to see her face and start to get to know her personality. 

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