Monday, January 20, 2014

6 Things

I had several people tell me while I was pregnant that adding a third baby into the family was a "piece of cake" in comparison to adding a second baby. Uhm, they lied. Shiz be hittin' the fan this week, y'all.

(I've been wanting to use that phrase forever. Feels good.)

A few things...

1. Since Oona arrived, Olive and Silas have changed from being the best of friends to the worst of enemies. They antagonize each other and fight all. day. long. The funniest thing is that when bedtime rolls around, they magically become best buddies again and hug and kiss and giggle conspiratorially together like they've had the best day together. Remember the old cartoons with Wile. E. Coyote and the Sheepdog, who try to kill each other all day and then put all the violence aside at clocking out time? Yeah, it's like that over here.

2. I really, really dislike breastfeeding. And acknowledging that fact makes me feel horribly guilty and like a second-rate, lousy mother. A large chunk of the problem is the persistent pain, but I know another component is that I have major confidence issues stemming from my last two not-great experiences breastfeeding. My goal in the next few weeks is to just take breastfeeding day by day, feed by feed - to drop the high expectations I place on myself and just see the situation as "praise God for getting us through one more day of successfully exclusively breastfeeding" instead of "this is miserable right now, I'm bad at it, I'm ultimately going to fail, may as well just give up." (Dramatic much? Yes.)

3. Speaking of dramatic, I am convinced the creators of Downton Abbey hate their fan base and take sadistic pleasure in letting horrible things happen to their most beloved characters. That show! I feel traumatized.

4. Sherrrrrrrlock. Yup, Sundays are my new favorite days.

5. These cookies! Make them at your earliest convenience and thank me later.

6. This blog post made me cry (though, that might not be saying much as pretty much anything makes me cry these days) but really though, such a beautifully written post that my encouraged my heart.

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