Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Story of a Chair

Matt thought it might make nursing easier if I had a more comfortable place to do the job. I had been propping the baby and I up on the bed with a weird network of pillows and cushions and it wasn't natural, easy or comfortable. So we went chair shopping.

We have never bought a piece of furniture together, ever, in all seven years of marriage. (Unless you count our piano - which doesn't really count as furniture, does it?)  Everything we own was handed down to us from family and friends when we got our first apartment, or salvaged from construction jobs when Matt was a contractor. So it felt really weird going into a furniture store with brand new furniture with the intent to actually buy something.

I immediately started looking at the cheapest rocking recliners, which were truly hideous (think 70's era upholsery, "a la Archie Bunker's chair,") but finally Matt took me aside and suggested that maybe we invest a little more in a nicer chair that we wouldn't be totally embarrassed to put on display in our own (future) living room once we're able to buy our own house one day. This made the decision making process that much more difficult (did you know I have the WORST time making my mind up about anything? I totally do.) So Matt ended up making the final decision, and thank goodness he did, because he picked the most comfortable, sexy recliner I've ever sat in. (I know, I know... "Recliner" and "sexy" in one sentence is pretty laughable, but really - if ever there was a sexy lazy boy this one is it, folks.

*And yes, it is much much easier to nurse Oona in the chair than it was in my weird pillow set up on the bed. I almost look forward to those 2 AM (and 3AM and 5 AM, etc) feeds now!

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