Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Few More Oliveisms

Olive: "Mom, what's a 'dick member?"
Me: Eyebrows popping up through the top of my head, wondering WTH, until I notice she's looking at a calendar and is trying to read the word "December." Sigh of relief.

Matt: "What was your favorite thing about today?"
Olive: "Just nothing."

Olive, during bedtime prayers: "And God, thank you that I couldn't have dessert today but that I will have some tomorrow..." (Gives Matt a meaningful look.)

Olive: "God is a genius!"

Olive loves the "Little Critter" books by Mercer Mayer. Recently she's caught on to the fact that there's a mouse that shows up in each illustration. Or, almost every illustration... She and Matt found a page where there was no mouse and Olive said "I guess that Mercker Mayer made an accident."

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