Monday, December 31, 2012


I have so much I want to write about and lots of pictures to share, but since it's New Year's Eve, I thought I'd take a minute to jot down what my hopes are for this fresh new 2013.

I've always been your typical resolution maker. "I resolve to lose X amount of weight this year." Or "I resolve to read X amount of chapters from the Bible every day this year." Etc, etc. Always big, difficult goals that leave very little room for flexibility and generally leave one feeling like a failure come February. This year, I've found myself reflecting on more subtle things that I want to grow in and incorporate more of into 2013, rather than setting hard goals for myself.

I want to love more in 2013. I want to be more creative, and more thoughtful in how I love those closest to me and those I've yet to meet in my new community this coming year. I want to send more letters and cards, bake cookies for neighbors, take more time to do projects with just Olive, and challenge myself in new ways to be the best helpmeet I can be to my husband. People and relationships are so important, so precious. I want to invest more love in the people God has put in my life this year.

I want to be bold and brave in 2013. I'm a shy person. Introverted and awkward are two of my top descriptive adjectives. I'm also a nervous wreck most of the time. Driving in a new place scares me. New social situations scare me. Being alone scares me. I want to embrace who I am in the Lord's grace, and walk forward in His confidence as we meet new people and hopefully start new friendships here in Michigan. I want His light and His love to replace the insecurities and awkwardness and fear that are so dominant in me, and be what those around me notice most.

I want to be more creative in 2013. I'm considering doing some sort of 365 photography project here, to challenge myself to get more creative with my camera. I love taking pictures, but with less free time post-children, and the convenience of iPhone-photography, I find myself picking up my camera less and less. I want to journal more this year. I want to actually try some of the projects I pin onto my DIY Pinterest board! I want to keep up with this blog and make it something special for my kids to look back on in years to come.

I want to explore and adventure in 2013. We finally did what I've dreamed of doing most of my life - we're in a new place, in a new state, in a totally different part of the country than either Matt or I have ever lived in before. All we have is God and each other at the moment, and it's a frightening, beautiful, exciting thing. Everything is brand new and waiting to be explored and I can't wait to discover everything this town and area has to offer with Matt, Olive and Silas. I want to take the kids to the beach, ride the train to Chicago, visit all the parks in Holland, find all the coffee shops, get to know the librarians by name, join a yoga class, go on bike rides... The list could go on and on.

I am tremendously excited for 2013, and all the adventures it promises!

Happy, happy New Year to you!

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