Sunday, December 2, 2012

Currently {Link Up}

This week, I am...

Watching: "The Voice," my baby Silas enjoy his new jumparoo toy, Christmas lights and decorations on night time drives around town, and Craigslist for potential apartments. (Still hunting!)

Wishing: that my kids would stop growing so fast, that I could just relax about moving and finding a house, and that there was a special solution specifically for taking off glitter nailpolish. (That stuff is mess to take off, yo!)

Waiting: for our first sticky snowfall, for some special Christmasy packages to arrive on our doorstep, for Silas' first two teeth to finally break through and for someone to come buy our house already. (I guess that last one should go up in the "wishing" category.)

Wondering: how to knit/crochet a coffee cup cozy (our coffee shop doesn't offer them anymore and americanos are HOT!)

Worrying: what to get whom for Christmas, where we'll even be spending Christmas, and whether I'll ever truly love the Home Depot orange color that I finally painted my kitchen chairs and table. (Pictures soon.)

What are you currently up to? I'd love to hear!


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