Friday, December 7, 2012

Currently.. {link-up}

Currently I am...

Making lists, to organize my thoughts and endless to-do lists. I've also been making Christmas ornaments with my Olive girl for our little table top tree. Lots of fun. Oh, and I also spent a lot of time this week making 2013 photo calendars for our family members. That was a big project, but fun!

Thinking about how much I hate waiting. It feels like life is one big waiting game right now as we are still searching for a rental or apartment in Michigan. It is stressing me out to the point of feeling ill. But I know deep down that this is all in the Lord's hands and He will put us where He wants us to be. I am one of those people who always needs to know what the next step is - I'm a planner and worrier. This has been a good exercise for my patience and faith.

Loving these two..
Gosh I am so lucky to have them, and all the distractions and messes they make, and the laughter and snuggles they bring. So richly blessed. Being under so much stress, I lose my temper and patience way too often, and I grieve over that. I don't want to squander a moment of time or joy with these guys.
I'm also loving this letter from a mother to her young daughter.
And this vintage shop on Etsy. So good!

Cooking... Hmm, this week we cooked a big stir fry with veggies and chicken, cuban rice and beans, veggie burritos and a lot of popcorn. 

Dreaming of having a fun day in the city with my husband this weekend. It's kind of an early celebration of our 6th wedding anniversary that's coming up in about a week. We're planning on seeing some museums, drinking good coffee, eating tapas and just meandering around holding hands. Good stuff. 


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