Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello Saugatuck!

Saugatuck is a waterfront town just a few miles south of Holland. We had heard it was really cute and artsy, and you guys... it's flippin' adorable. It reminded us so much of Shepherdstown, WV (one of our favorite spots back in WV) that it made us feel a little homesick. I'm so excited we only live about 10 minutes from its downtown! Though I don't think we'll be able to really fully enjoy it until spring and summer roll around. The wind coming off Lake Michigan is so, so cold.

The best place to go when it's too cold to be outside is a great coffee shop (actually, if you know Matt and I, anytime is a great time to visit a coffee shop. We're coffee shop nerds. It's the first thing we look for in a new town, and our judgement of a town is usually as good as their coffee shop is! So be prepared to see lots of redundant pictures of coffees, lattes and roasting machines, etc.)

We found "Uncommon Grounds" in downtown Saugatuck and it was so nice (though really crowded. I guess everyone wanted somewhere warm and cozy to hang out in the cold!) They offer 2 hour classes for $15 that teach how to do latte art, roast beans and distinguish between different origins and roasts. One day when/if we find a babysitter, Matt and I would love to attend.

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