Monday, October 8, 2012


1. Why does it feel like we skipped fall and jumped into winter? It is so cold today. And wet. Hopefully it goes back to being fall soon. We haven't had a free moment since getting back from the beach to enjoy the pretty fall colors and smells.

2. I am reading J.D. Salinger's "9 Stories" and loving them. Salinger loves symbolism, and reading his stories is like working out puzzles. It's silly, but I get great satisfaction out of reading a story, mulling over it for an hour or two, then looking up the spark notes online to see if my conclusions or assumptions have any merit. Cough*nerd*ahem.

3. I really need to just give up sugar. I am so addicted. (Why am I confessing this?) I have no trouble giving up any other food, but my sweet tooth is mean and stubborn. But I know I will feel so much better, in and out, if I give it up for a while. Anyone have tips for giving it up? Is slowly weaning yourself off better in the long run than just going cold turkey?

4. I know she's odd, (aren't we all?) but I am obsessed with Fiona Apple lately. What an interesting character she is. Her anxiety, sadness and quirks come across so strongly to me in her music and they are my own. I found this interview to be fascinating and rather heartbreaking.

5. I need to get my bangs trimmed.

6. I wish you could hear Olive sing "The Bare Necessities." (She says "bay-uh ne-seh-seh-tewees. And with great dramatic flair. It is hysterical.)

7. Matt got me hooked on that silly "Temple Run" game on my phone.

8. In just 6 days I am getting on an airplane with my two babies and no husband to fly to my parent's house for a week. I don't mind planes too much, but flying alone with two little kids? I am already dreading the evil stares from fellow travelers.

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