Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On Searching For A Signature Scent

So basically, I am getting old. Ok, maybe not "old" old yet, but still, I'm definitely not a kid anymore. (I've got two kids and stretch marks to prove it in case you doubt me.) 

On a side note, last week as I was coming out of Forever 21 in Raleigh with a bag of cheap beauties, (oh I love you Forever 21) my Dad gave me a "look" and said, "aren't you getting too old for this?" And like that, my heart was broken. Still licking that wound. Anyhow...

I'm trying to embrace the "new me." The new me is older, yes... a bit scarred, but wiser - there's something beautiful, sacred and mysterious about womanhood, and I want to embrace my womanhood and all her potential feminine glory. I mean, I want to rock my late 20s, 30s and 40s (I'm just not ready to think about farther than that at this point) and make them awesome! So I'm trying to learn more about the womanly, feminine of arts of lipsticks, skin care, classic wardrobe staples (you know, the kinds NOT from XXI) and perfume. 

What your perfume says about you is important. I don't want a scent that says "Avon lady" or "juicy." I want a perfume that is ultra feminine, yet youthful - sweet, yet sensual. Something slightly mysterious and slightly flirty.

Here are some contenders in my search for my favorite perfume.

I would feel kind of bad about adopting this as my scent, simply because it's my sister's favorite scent, but dang it all - it's a REALLY good perfume! I love it's sweet simplicity that walks the line between girlish and womanly with grace and dignity. 

Florabotanica is floral and sweet, yet something more. There's a real edgy, sensual side to it that I'm almost not sure I can pull off! But I really love this one. A lot. And the packaging it gorgeous. (Packaging is important!)

Stella McCartney's "Lily" is ultra feminine. Very floral and fresh. Maybe just a teenie tiny bit too floral for my taste, but still lovely. 

Now I just need to get my husband's input and beg for one of these for Christmas. ;)

What is your signature scent? What do you look for in a perfume? I'd love to hear your input!

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