Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Weekend!

We have a lot to celebrate here this weekend! Mainly, that silly girl up there [who taught herself to cross her eyes and torments me with them every time I turn around] is finally potty trained!

Ok, confession time: I really, really hated this whole potty training thing. I was maybe kind of a big baby about it. It was so not fun for any of us, and we had numerous set backs and tantrums and tears,  but the happiness and pride Olive and I feel now that she's really got the hang of it is enormous! And if it's any encouragement to you other moms out there who are stuck dab in the middle of this misery that is potty training your toddler: if my extremely stubborn Olive can finally learn it from her often impatient, very imperfect mother, your babies will learn for you too! Potty training has taught me a lot of patience. Mostly through stupid mistakes on my part. Moving on...

I'm flying to NC with both littles (and without my husband!) tomorrow and will be gone for a week. I was planning on taking my computer with me to keep up with the blog but have decided to leave it at home and just enjoy the week, entirely present and focused on my kids and family. So we'll be back with pictures and stories of our NC adventures in a week!

And now we're off to our favorite ice cream shop to celebrate Olive's success and have some fun family time before we're separated from Matt for a week (I hate that part.) :( Be back soon!

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