Friday, November 14, 2014

T G i F

A warm scarf is a daily necessity now.

Watching a firetruck go by on what may have been our last warm, "green" day till May.

My happy place, with my happy coffee. (Still can't give up the cold brew!)

This week:

-We got hit with our first snowstorm of the season. This year's going to be a learning experience for me, as I'll be having to drive in it everyday getting Olive back and forth to school. Hopefully I'll feel a little less scared when we get new snow tires on the van next week.

-I'm excited to go into Detroit tomorrow for a big IKEA trip! It's been in the works for months, and I can hardly wait!

-I've been reading Susan Howatch's book "Glittering Images" on my Kindle. It's such an interesting story, (pretty mature themes, but presented extremely well.) I love a book that you have to take slowly and really chew on.

-After mourning what I thought was a total lack of anything worth watching on the internet, Matt and I found "Falling Skies" through our Amazon Prime account and - wow! We're so impressed with the quality of writing and acting on the show! I usually think sci-fi is too cheesy, but alien-invasion-storyline be darned, this is a great show! (I love being sucked into a good story during cold, snow-bound nights.)

-At the very beginning of this week I determined our family was going to eat really healthfully, and things were going swimmingly until Wednesday when I made a small batch of cinnamon rolls (I used this Chebe mix) and then ate most of them myself. (Oops.) 

-Are you starting to worry think about Christmas gifts yet? I am, and was really inspired by these ideas!

-I know I am embarrassingly late to this party, however - can we talk about T-Swift for a quick sec? I have "Shake it Off" stuck in my head 24/7, and funny thing is I don't really mind too much. A good song to run to. Also, THIS video makes me cry laughing.

-Another song constantly stuck in my head...

You should hear Silas sing it - it's the BEST. (Wait, why am I admitting that?)

Happy weekend!

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