Monday, November 17, 2014


We drove to the outskirts of Detroit last weekend to pick up some things at IKEA. It was such a fun trip - I totally get now why my Mom's friends would get so excited to go to IKEA once a year. It's like a grown up wonderland (maybe that's a little dramatic, but seriously, not much!) Here are some of the things we brought home...

The RASKOG cart, in the color beige. I can think of a million + one ideas for this cart, but for now I'm excited to use it for potted plants. Matt and I agree that we'll probably purchase a couple more of these beauties down the road, for the bathroom and kitchen.

I picked up an aloe vera plant and a Christmas cactus (yes, IKEA even sells plants) plus several of these pretty planters to pot them in. I like how delicate and festive they are!

We've wanted a sideboard/credenza for our dining room since we moved in, but were having a hard time deciding what we wanted. While we liked the idea of a vintage, mid-century style credenza, they are usually really expensive and often don't have the type of storage that we want. This HEMNES sofa table is not a traditional dining room sideboard, but it has the exact amount of storage that we wanted, and is at a fantastic price point. 

Olive and Silas' shared room is very small, and with two beds in it already there was little (if any) room to spare for a dresser. Luckily their closet is fairly good sized (though awkwardly shaped, with its sloped ceiling.) We got two of these narrow TARVA dressers and they fit perfectly in the kids' closet. I am so excited to FINALLY have spaces to organize their clothing! 

Speaking of the kids, I could not resist bringing home the LATT table and chairs set (only $19.99!)  It only comes with two chairs, but instead of buying a third, we chose the quirky MAMMUT children's stool ($5.59) so that all three children can (eventually) sit at the miniature table together. (Olive and Silas have insisted on eating every meal at "their" table since we assembled it. It's been a big hit!)

We picked up two new pillow covers for our sofa pillows (I can't find these particular ones online, unfortunately, but they were only $5/piece.)

Lastly, I picked up a HOLMO floor lamp on a whim, (at only $7.99, I was intrigued.) I am so impressed with it! It's a heavy, solid lamp - and so tall! It puts off a beautiful, soft light (we used this bulb.) 

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