Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some June Pictures and a Letter

^^ Olive in a beautiful new dress from her Grandma in WV ^^

^^ Silas loves our vacuum cleaner. Especially that cord retractor thingy. ^^

Dear Fetus,

You are such a weird baby already. Like, WTH is up with all this nausea? And hunger? It's bad enough waking me up in the middle of the night to pee already, but forcing me out of bed at 4:30a.m. to make a sandwich is just cruel. And when you get hungry, there is NO time to dawdle, or you send me straight to the porcelain throne. And that is just no fun.

You should have seen your daddy's face when you forced me to ask him to grill me some burgers and brats. Ha! Mommy has always, always hated even the smell of brats, but YOU obviously have the appetite of a hairy chested, blue collared man and have turned me into someone I don't even recognize.

Oh, and you should have seen mommy's face when our doctor told me I had LOST a couple of pounds at our last appointment. I told that doctor there must be a mistake because I have been eating more the last couple of months than I think I have eaten in my entire life. (Like that week where all we ate was Dominoes gluten free/no cheese pizza? And how about how we make daddy pick us up a muffin and a cookie  from Lemonjellos at least twice a week?) So the doctor said, "Well maybe you been more active lately?" And oh how mommy laughed, because when we're not stuffing our face, we are CRASHED on the couch snoring (or watching Law and Order SVU,) aren't we baby? Mommy has not even looked at the treadmill since April. But thanks, you know, for using up all that food and not letting it go to mommy's thighs (yet.)

But, whenever you want to stop making me break out in acne like it's 1999 again, you know, that would be pretty awesome.

Love, your hungry-again-already Mother xox

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