Thursday, June 27, 2013

Current Pictures & Things

We love Lake Michigan in the summer!

Silas loves babies.

Blanket my mom lovingly made for baby #3.

Gluten free/vegan snacks at Lemonjellos. Oh, and some really good coffee.

OB appointements.

Flowers from the farmer's market.

We like to get out and walk every evening. 

Caricatures of the kids. Olive was so proud!

Acrobats performing live downtown. They do this for free every Thursday night!
Watching: Documentaries. The Flat and Hitler's Children were fascinating and moving. On a less serious note we finally finished the 4th (new) season of Arrested Development and I was disappointed. (Except for the Lucille episode, which was hysterical. Pretty sure she's my favorite Bluth.)

Reading: "The Midwife" by Jennifer Worth. My mother in law sent me the whole Midwives collection (on which the popular Call the Midwife series is based on) for my birthday! I've only just started the first book but it's very good so far.

Eating: Like a man. I swear, never have I consumed so much red meat in my life. I crave burgers like a maniac. I may or may not even make them for breakfast sometimes. (I know, I gross myself out but what's a pregnant lady to do? I've learned to just give this baby what it wants or else it pays me back in serious sickies.) I've been trying to balance it out with lots of fruits and vegetables from the farmers market. I have eaten a TON of asparagus and strawberries this month. Seriously sad that asparagus is going out of season already.

Drinking: As much water as I can handle. I had low fluid levels with Silas, which was a scary experience, so I try to stay hydrated. Yes, I do have to pee all. the. time. It's for a good cause.

Also worth noting: My sister just moved in with us for the next few months. She's pursuing a couple of job leads, and trying out the area. She just graduated from college and wanted to try living somewhere totally new. I am sooo happy she is here! It's been so good catching up and visiting.

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