Friday, May 3, 2013

Things That Make Me Uncomfortable...

1. Talking on the phone. I've had phone phobia for as long as I can remember. While it's gotten a little better with all the practicing that real-life-as-a-grown-up forces on you, I still get heart palpitations when it's time to call someone-not-in-my-immediate-family. (Thank God for texting, no?)

2. Speedos. (Do I even have to elaborate on this one? And why is there always at least one extremely, wrinkly old man wearing one every time you're at the beach?)

3. Cialis Commercials. They literally give me physical pain whenever I see them.

4. That sound forks make when they scrape a plate. One of my children has already caught on that I can't stand this noise, and likes to torture me at dinnertime.

5. Being around people who are arguing. It goes back to things that happened during my childhood, but to this day I can hardly stand to be in a room where people are loudly arguing. I physically cringe and want to disappear. 

6. Entering through an "Exit" door (or vice versa.) Matt and I have literally gotten into (non-yelling!) arguments over this. I refuse to enter or exit via the wrong door and he think it's totally acceptable to use either. So not cool!

7. Public PDA. I'm not opposed to public hand holding, hugging, or even some not-too-passionate public kissing. However, making out on a picnic blanket with half your clothes on in front of my children and I as we are innocently trying to take a walk in a public park kind of crosses a line, no?

8. People who act like they want to be your friend, but are really just trying to rope you into a pyramid scheme. There's nothing to make you feel more like an idiot than when you meet someone who acts like they really like you and want to be buddies and then when you actually do meet up all they want to talk about is recruiting you to sell stuff for their business. And of course when you say, "no I'm not interested" they dump you and act like they never met you. 

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