Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tulip Time Is Here

Most people who know Holland, MI know it for its May festival "Tulip Time." Ever since we moved here it always comes up in conversation with people we meet. The local paper said that Tulip Time brings in about 500,000 tourists every year. Today was the first day of the festival and we walked downtown to check out some events.

We went to the Arts and Crafts festival at Centennial Park.
We quickly became claustrophobic. So. Crowded. It was hard to get around with the stroller.

It was a beautiful day to be outside for a walk, though. 
Mother Nature cooperated really nicely for Tulip Time this year!
We walked by the World's Largest Cinnamon Roll.
(612 lbs. I was most astounded that it took 670 eggs to make!)

The tulips were glorious.

Maybe it's because it's just so hard to do these kinds of things with little ones, but...
We quickly realized we much prefer Holland when it's not so crowded. 
So we went home fairly quickly and everyone took naps, and then we took it easy the rest of the day.

^^ That boy. He's obsessed with the trashcan. I need to put a pen up around it to keep him out.^^

P.S: I bought myself some flowers today and I'm in love with them. That's all.

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