Sunday, May 31, 2015

Simplify / Prioritize

I've been feeling extremely convicted lately to slow down, simplify and prioritize what's truly important to me. I've talked a bit on here before about my struggles with postnatal depression and anxiety. While I'm doing way better now, it still rears its ugly head when things get stressful around here - and things get stressful often! I'll leave it at that. ;) I am searching in and out for ways to make my life less stressful and more joyful.

Minimalism, Kondo-izing, simplicity - all are so trendy right now, but an aesthetic is not what I'm seeking. I'm looking for peace and health in my home and my habits that will transfer to my body and daily life if that makes any sense.

I started today by cutting down my blog reader to just the few that are important to me. I love blogs. LOVE. THEM. They are my escape, an outlet of communication in a world I feel isolated from when I'm stuck at home, and of course they are a huge source of inspiration. But it's all become too much noise lately. I get distracted easily. I become discontent really easily. Something has to change, because in spite of my love of the blogosphere, I think something there has been robbing my joy.

I have plans of limiting internet time to once a week, tightening our budget, and setting big goals in lots of areas of life - eventually. Today was a tiny step. I hope it's the beginning of a successful walk towards a healthier, more joyful life.

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  1. I've been into the minimalism mindset (and style) lately too. I just want everything clean and uncluttered. That goes for my space and the things and people in my life. It's such a great mindset to live by since we tend to get clouded by unnecessary things. Those little ones are so adorable on that big arm chair! I wish you the best as you purge things :)

    be the plebeian


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