Monday, June 2, 2014


1. Django, settling back into a new "normal" // 2. Evening stops at the park after long walks // 3. Peonies are becoming my new favorite flowers // 4. Neighborhood // 5. Ear scratches // 6. Family

First off - you can't start a day better than by getting a text from some of your best friends informing you their third baby was born this morning! Congratulations Matthew and Tasha! I love you!

We had a hot, (90F yesterday!) busy weekend. It was wonderful. That's the upside, I've decided, about harsh winters - the summers are just so good. We've been living outside. Grilling, sprinklers, long walks, iced coffees, and sun dresses - I really love it!

Speaking of "hot" - I tried hot vinyasa yoga for the first time last week. It was really intense. And really really hot (I'm not sure I have ever sweated so profusely in my life. Puddles, people.) I felt a little overwhelmed during the class and could not do all of the poses but was nevertheless proud of myself at the end. I think I'm going to try it again. This seems to be a season of my life for doing things that are outside of my comfort zone! 

My dad is coming to visit next weekend for the first time, and we're all terribly excited. We really hope he will enjoy west Michigan as much as we do! I'm praying the weather stays nice - it would be so sad if it suddenly turned rainy and chilly while he was here (please don't do it, Michigan!) 

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