Friday, June 20, 2014

21 / 52

Portraits of my children once a week, for a year.

Olive - made a new friend at the library yesterday named Ida, and found out that they are practically neighbors AND will also be in the same kindergarten class this fall! I just can't get over how cute the names "Olive and Ida" are together. 

Silas - likes to watch me doing my hair and washing my face in the morning while asking "all done now?" every two seconds. Other favorite sentences: "Time to go?" "I go walking?" and "Outside?"

Oona - was about to send Matt and I to marriage counseling with her sleep (or lack thereof) antics. When she started getting up every two hours, Matt finally convinced me to try a few nights of careful "crying it out" training (meaning, we set a timer for 20 minutes before getting her up.) Not my favorite thing to do...but it has worked! She is napping and sleeping at night much better now, thank God. We are making plans to move her into her own room soon. It is time, but she's also my littlest one, and I find myself getting overly emotional about all her milestones.

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